Unique Handmade Jewelry from LilysShop

Handmade gothy jewelry and cute things to doll up your hair, tons of cool stuff to get you noticed!
Anything can be Custom Created, inventory pieces are all made to match.
Everything is adjustable and can be made any length.
All Beads are triple wirewrapped for security and beauty, loops are closed tight.

Lily has custom made jewelry for some really awesome people like Cyndi Lauper, Clive Barker, Apnea, Razorcandi, Eden Prosper, Ugly Shyla, Szandora, Shifty Shellshock, Lizzy Borden, Jill of Ultra Gypsy Belly Dance, and quite a few Suicide Girls.

You can find Lily's jewelry being worn all over the world by all walks of life, from people to pets, and in gardens too! Dont be surprised if you stumble by some of her jewelry in shops when you are out traveling in places like Austin, San Francisco, New York, and even Japan!

Lily strives to make every customer 100% satisfied, catering to  individual customer's needs, going above and beyond, from custom designs to working prices, Lily does everything she can to make her customers happy,  whether you’re looking for something simple or extravagant, Lily will do her best to make your dream jewelry a reality.

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